Please Read First, Forum Rules !

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Please Read First, Forum Rules !

Post  Maxumous on Fri Mar 02, 2012 4:38 am

Hi, and welcome,

General Forum Behaviour, for all members including moderators and admins

Please respect all the rules in order to make your stay here an enjoyable one for yourself and all other users

  1. Absolutely no one is to use abuse of a personal nature against another forum member. If you are offended by another users' post or conduct, try to contact that user directly to peacefully resolve the issue. In most cases a single PM can solve misunderstandings quickly. If you do not succeed, please contact a moderator for assistance.
  2. Mild swearing is permitted.
  3. Images, links or any other content that other forum users may find obscene or offensive, will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to sexism, racism, incitement to violence and extreme religious and political views. Users breaking this rule will be dealt with severely
  4. Any form of commercial advertising will not be tolerated (except by us, obviously).
  5. Any discussion or links to "Warez", illegal software or sites with content that is not in line with the law of the host country AND the posting country will not be tolerated
  6. Spam will not be tolerated. Please also ensure that when posting a new thread, your topic title is relevant and not just an 'attention grabber' e.g. HELLLPPPP!!!!!
  7. Signatures should total no larger than 600 pixels wide and 150 pixels high, including all images and text. This means you can have up to 8 lines of text maximum or an image up to 150 pixels high, but not both. Avatars are limited to 80 x 80 pixels. The total combined size for both signature and avatar should not exceed 50kb
  8. Images posted should not exceed 640 x 480 and 100kb in size
  9. Discussion of any action taken by the site in relation to a user (i.e. a banning or a warning) is not permitted. This includes discussions about locked topics.


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