What type of Build ?

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What type of Build ?

Post  Maxumous on Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:06 am

These are the type of build we like to see in the Clan.

Attack Build

The Attack Build consists of 24 Workshops, Forges, Subterranean Factories, or Cursed Foundries. This build will just about always win it's first attack unless it is grossly under the enemy's ally stats. The only thing is you'll almost always lose when defending against an attack or a spy attack. Total cost to BC with T4: 644'803'737'000

Pure Spy Build

A Pure Spy Build Consists of 24 Guilds or Stronghold of Shadows. These builds will nearly always win in a spy attack, but have no attack troops. These builds are anonymous and serve well as OSFs but give out low plunder. Total Cost to BC with T4: 677'083'737'000

Hansel/Hybrid Build

A Hansel Build consists of 23 Guilds or Stronghold of Shadows along with 1 Troop Building. A Hybrid build is the same, except without the troop building. These builds are good for allowing a couple of hits or for spying and being "too weak" to attack. Hybrids are good for opening then putting up a troop building to keep you from getting unwanted hits. Also, Hansel builds are unable to be hit with no gold out other then by another Hansel build or a very weak player. Total Cost to BC with T4 (Hybrid): 649'363'737'000. Total Cost to BC with T4 (Hansel): 675.613'737'000

*Please note that the cost to BC counts the cost of Land Completing.*


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